Top Tips to Prevent Your Car from Rusting

Posted on 08th, Oct 18

With age, rust tends to set into vehicles. A simple chip or dent can turn to rust if not treated; just as oxygen, water, and other acids can cause an automobile to rust. Canberra Car Removal offers the following tips to prevent your car from rusting.
Top Tips to Prevent Your Car from Rusting


Its engine requires maintenance, and to prevent rusting, so do other areas of the vehicle. Experts recommend regular washing and waxing of automobiles. Washing the vehicle will remove dirt and debris while waxing the vehicle will provide it with a protective layer that helps to prevent rusting. When washing the vehicle, was and clean the engine bay and the undercarriage of the vehicle. Always dry the vehicle thoroughly as you will find that the vehicle can collect rust if left to dry. Use a clean, soft cloth and dry it thoroughly. Do not forget to clean and dry the drain holes and plugs. Drain holes are often in the trunk, engine hood, doors, etc. If they are blocked clear them out, and always dry them out after washing the vehicle to eliminate rust collecting in the areas.

Wash Your Car Regularly

If you live close to the water, you will want to take extra care of your vehicle. Seawater is known to cause vehicles to rust as the iron and steel of vehicles create an electrochemical reaction with the seawater, causing rust. Car owners with cars that are exposed to seawater should wash their vehicles regularly with baking soda and a washing soap and always park them in a covered area.

Be Proactive with Rust Protection

There are many rust protective products on the market; invest in some. Years down the road, you will be glad that you used an anti-rust spray for your vehicle. Visit your local auto parts store and discuss the different rust protective products available for cars.

When rust appears, treat it to keep it at bay to keep it from spreading.

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