Top 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Disposing of a Car

Posted on 08th, Oct 18

Today, disposing of a car is eco-friendly. Car recycling is the trend for old and scrap car disposals, and the trend to collect Cash for the Cars. There are common mistakes to avoid when disposing of a car, which Canberra Car Removal lists below.

Top 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Disposing of a Car

Not Collecting Upfront Cash for Its Disposal

Likely, you will sell your vehicle to cash for cars company. Possibly, a third party that wants it for spare parts or to recycle the metals. Either way, don’t except less for the vehicle than a full upfront payment. No buyer should offer a partial owner and then claim they will pay for the balance once the vehicle is recycled. If the buyer doesn’t offer a full, upfront payment, sell to someone else.

Paying for The Towing of The Vehicle

If your vehicle is not road worthy, don’t think that you should be responsible for the towing fees to tow the vehicle to its new owner. Car removal companies like Canberra Car Removal provide free towing with upfront payments for all scrap and old cars we purchase in Canberra.

Having A Vehicle in Good Shaped Recycled

Cars that can still run will have a higher resale price then recycling price. If it can be driven, then a cash for cars company like Canberra Car Removal will buy the vehicle to pull parts or auction off. If parts are pulled from the vehicle sellers will collect for the parts, and once all parts are pulled and reconditioned, we will recycle the metals of the vehicle. Cars that are auctioned off bring a higher price than ones that are recycled.

Do Your Research

Most cash for Car Removal companies are legitimate; however, it is essential that companies be researched. Any car removal company you hire for the cash sale & removal of your vehicle needs to be licensed and insured and have a trusted reputation. Canberra Car Removal is a cash for car buyer that purchases scrap and old condition vehicles, purchasing them over the phone and online. To receive a cash offer over the phone, please contact us at the number below. To obtain an online quote, please visit our homepage to request a quote via our online form. With us, you won’t make common mistakes car owners make when disposing of their vehicles because we are a legitimate removal company.

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